Encore Festival has been one of the biggest hip hop festival in the Netherlands for years. In addition to the weekly Saturday events, they organize an annual festival where the biggest hip hop artists will perform. 

The brand identity is based on the concept - Culture Unites, what stands for a powerful celebration of diversity. Where normally a festival is supported by a line up and this is communicated everywhere to attract the public, this year, the focus was on the people themselves.

The idea behind the design originates in the pasted and torn posters that you find everywhere in the streets of Amsterdam and all around the globe. Especially in a time where print is seen as less important than online expression on social media, it seemed nice to bring back this paper feeling to the online world. In which also the torn pieces symbolize the different cultures but form one brand identity like the people that visited Encore Festival 2018, Culture Unites.

Creative direction by LeRoi3
Photography by Rein Kooyman
Styling by Elvis Osawe
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